Cardiator Beta


Cardiator is an online browser card game where you don't need to download any large files or resources or game launchers to start playing.

• Sign up for an account.
• Sign in your account.
• Build your deck.
• Create and search for matches.


In Cardiator you can use your favorite Movies , TV Shows , Anime and Video games characters as cards to build your deck , each card has its own value and effect. there are 3 types of cards : Hero cards , Special cards and Common cards.

• Hero cards can have a value of 12 or 10 and they effect the main points of the player or the opponent whether by increasing or decreasing them.
• Special cards can have a value of 8 or 6 and they effect your cards or your opponent's cards depending on their effects.
• Common cards can have a value of 4 or 2 and they have no effects.
• After playing any card , its value will add to your main points.
• Check the Cards List page to get informations about any card you want.

Deck Building

After creating an account , the next step is to build your deck and you can do that by going to the Deck Builder.

• Your deck is automatically saved so you don't have to create a new deck each time you sign in.
• Your deck must contain 20 cards in total : 4 hero cards , 6 special cards and 10 common cards.
• Your deck must contain 5 common cards which have a value of 4 and 5 common cards which have a value of 2.

Creating & Joining Matches

You can either create a public match or a private match , or either search for a public match or join a private match.

• When you create a public match it means that anyone can join that match when they search for a match.
• When you create a private match you'll get a token , you need to give that token to the person you want to join the private match.

Match Start & Turns

When you join a match each player will have 8 random cards chosen from each player's deck : 1 Hero card , 3 Special Cards and 4 Common Cards.

• Your cards will be shown in the bottom of the screen , with your name and your points in the bottom-left of the screen.
• During the match, click on your cards images to show their effects.
• Your opponent's cards will be shown in the top of the screen (anonymously) , with your opponent's name and his/her points in the top-left of the screen.
• Whoever created the match gets the first turn to play.
• Each turn , every player have 3 minutes (180 seconds) to make a play , if he/she doesn't he/she loses the match.
• Each turn , every player can play one card.
• If both players have no cards left to play , the player who has the bigger points wins the match.
• If you refresh/reload the page during the match you'll lose the match.

Browser Support

It's recommended that you use a modern browser with the latest version to run Cardiator without any problems and to make sure you have the best experience.

• Download Google Chrome or Mozila Firefox or Opera or Safari or Microsoft Edge.